Advice 1: What food is the caloric

Know the high-calorie food should not only wishing to lose weight, but those who actively care about their health. It is known that the constant use of very high-calorie foods leads to negative consequences.
What food is the caloric
Frequent consumption of foods with great caloric not only increases body weight but also contributes to the development of diabetes, heart disease, provokes the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, leading to reduced immunity. Therefore, all doctors recommend avoiding high-calorie products, or use it very rarely.
Of course, a leader in the calorie are the foods with high fat content. It is butter, lard, vegetable oil, and fish oil. Here it is, just record the content of calories per 100g of this product has about 900 calories. Nobody is saying to eat these foods is impossible, but follow a diet is necessary to limit them in your diet.
Nuts and seeds only slightly inferior to the caloric content of the oil. Of these products make special bars able to satisfy your hunger and give strength. They are a wonderful solution for snacking, but more than a handful of nuts or seeds a day is unfavorable.
Those who follow the figure and adhere to a healthy diet, we should not forget how various calories hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries . One serving of this fast food may calories equal to daily rate of consumption of the products. Besides, this is a very dangerous food that is prepared using fat, and not very high quality. Due to the wide use of hamburgers in the USA is increasing daily the number of obese people. If nuts and vegetable oil nutritionists recommend actively included in your diet in small amounts, from fast food, they are strongly advised to refuse.
Often satellites fast foods are sauces and mayonnaise. They are also used for filling so many useful vegetable salads, just turning them into a calorie bomb. Better to fill the salad oil, lemon juice combined with herbs. Only then can you get all easy product.
Fans of all kinds of desserts should remember about their high caloric content. This is due to the content of chocolate, vegetable cream and creams, dried fruits, caramel and other things.
For the calorie content of meals can affect the method of preparation, the most adverse are considered to be frying and cooking fried, grilled. In these ways, even the safest vegetables and white meat are saturated with plenty of oil.

Advice 2: What are the most nutritious cereal?

Cereals are considered one of the most traditional Russian cuisine dishes. They are not only nourishing, tasty, can be served with various fillings, prepared in water or milk, but they are very useful, rich in vitamins and minerals.
What are the most nutritious cereal?

TOP 3 most nutritious of cereals

The three most high-calorie cereals include oatmeal, millet and rice.

The first kind of dishes contains about 345 calories per 100 grams. It oatmeal is recognized as one of the best types of Breakfast, as it can energize for the day, which is more common, for example, in the UK.

Oatmeal coats the stomach wall, which is useful in such diseases as gastritis, ulcers and other ailments.

The second calorie – millet porridge with 334 calories per 100 grams. In addition to the required energy, this dish is able to output from the human body possible excess salts and fats and is also rich in vitamin A, which plays a role in the regeneration of skin tissue and in maintaining moisture. Porridge good and because of the presence of magnesium and calcium, normalizing the cardiovascular muscles.

Unfortunately, in modern shops it is not always possible to acquire necessary and useful millet porridge, as this cereal is kept fairly short period of time.

Proper couscous should have a bright yellow color, and its obledenenie indicates the loss product the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Rice porridge closes the TOP 3 most fattening foods of this kind with 330 kcal per 100 grams of dry cereal. Rice contains starch and proteins, it is quickly and easily absorbed by the body and is a dish to be included in different diets.

Other types of cereals consumed as food

Buckwheat, the caloric value of 100 grams which is 329 kcal, is one of the most popular products among people who are watching their weight and seeking to lose weight. It is rich in iron, calcium, b vitamins and easily digestible proteins.

Doctors recognize the consumption of buckwheat one of the most effective non-drug ways of preventing cardiovascular diseases.

That buckwheat is effective in the appearance of edema, hypertension, and liver diseases. When used, it is possible to recover upset the stomach and digestion. This property of buckwheat is due to the presence in its composition of natural substances – quercetin, which is also considered effective in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Healthy condition of the body and semolina with 326 kcal per 100 grams of dry cereal. The dish is a high content of gluten (vegetable protein), and porridge are shown in various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. However, over the last few years nutritionists have slightly changed the attitude to this product, as gluten can provoke allergic reactions and to flush calcium from the body.

A favorite dish of many North Caucasian peoples – corn porridge with 325 calories per 100 grams. The composition of this product, in addition to many vitamins, silicon, a beneficial effect on dental health. As one of the most low-calorie, polenta effective for weight loss and rids the body of excess fat.

Shown to help with weight loss and anemia and the low-calorie from cereals - barley (324 calories in 100 grams of dry product). In this dish contains a lot of vitamin b and minerals. It barley porridge is appointed for people suffering from allergic reactions to many products.
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