High calorie foods are divided into three groups: uglevodosoderzhaschie, protein and fat-containing foods. Almost all diets are based on the exclusion from the diet of carbohydrates and fats. But nutritionists do not advise at all to give, for example, from a sweet fruit or dried fruit, depriving the body of small indulgences, you can not withstand strict limits.

First of all, you need to remember that the most reduced calorie foods are those that contain a lot of water. This group includes cucumber, radish, zucchini, pumpkin, cabbage, tomatoes and turnips. But the most calories are avocados, bananas, and various nuts – pistachio, wood, walnuts, pine nuts and peanuts, olives.
Completely exclude fats from the diet for weight loss not, their lack will certainly affect the condition of hair, skin and General health. To draw healthy fats you need from fish oil, unrefined oils – corn, olive.

The caloric protein and fat products

The most nutritious is food with a high fat content. This axiom needs no proof, so the diet needs to remove products with a record in fat. It's creamy and sunflower meat, fatty pork, lamb, smoked sausages and other delicacies, mayonnaise. You should not eat pastries with sweet cream cakes.

Of protein products, it is desirable not to eat sour cream, it is also high in fats, fatty cheeses, baked milk. However, to completely abandon milk products do not need, daily protein intake for an adult should be approximately 100-120 g. must eat low-fat fish, yogurt, cheese, milk and meat – beef, poultry.

The most high-calorie carbohydrate foods

Most carbohydrates and therefore calories contained in sweets. We need to reduce the intake of candy, cookies, muffins, chocolate, not forgetting the sweet drinks like soda pop, packaged juices. Include in the "black list" coffee with cream and sugar, tea. Give preference to complex carbohydrates – cereals, pasta durum, atronomy bread.
Try to eat boiled vegetables, meat, fish, and desserts can be left in the diet honey, dark chocolate with no additives, citrus.

No need to stick only to certain types of cereals, the most nutritious are buckwheat and oatmeal. The cheese also should not have a sweetened version, chocolate glazed curd bars. The most recognized and high-calorie chips, canned food, French fries and any other fast food.