Cut or purchase only those chrysanthemumss that have already blossomed. In water the buds of these flowers do not bloom, unlike many others that it is better to buy open.
Once you have chosen a vase for chrysanthemums, remove the lower part of the stem wither or spoil the leaves, and the tips of the stem is a little cut off, then lightly laminate or split into several parts. So the plant will be easier to drink water.
Chrysanthemums are better there where cool. Try to set bouquets of flowers where the air temperature does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius, but better to have it a little lower. Overly warm air of the chrysanthemum's bloom for long, fast fade and die.
Change the water every two days. In every other water change slightly trim the stalk end of the flower. Be careful as they are easy to accidentally break the stems of these plants – the most weak and fragile place. If you observe these conditions, the flowers can stand in a vase.
When you notice that the chrysanthemumsin the vase begins to fade, she wilted and looks unimportant, try to do the following. For a few minutes, put the flower in a bowl of hot water, then at the same place in the cold. Then trim the stem of the plant and loading into a vase of room temperature water, then return it to him chrysanthemums. Usually then it comes to life and stands still for a long time.
Keep chrysanthemumsfrom where there is a draft, try to keep direct sunlight on it did not fall. Fruits should not be next - it's too bad for the flower.
There are tools that allow you to extend the life of cut flowers. Ask in a flower shop something for chrysanthemums - it can also help the flowers to stand a little longer.