Flowers – "long-livers"

The longest are the flowers fresh. That is cut this morning, preferably in your garden. Of course, this condition is not always possible to comply with. Then when you buy flowers you need first of all to pay attention to orchids, eustoma, gerberas, roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, gladioli, freesia, Mimosa, lilacs, asters, dahlias, daffodils. The last seven items can stay in a vase for two weeks. The first seven is more than three weeks. But it is a suitable choice and care.

How to choose fresh flowers

When choosing flowers you should pay attention not only to their beautiful appearance, but also on their health. Poluraspredelenia flower buds is good, this feature says about the youth of the flower and its long life potential. But if, half-open Bud rose leans to the side, is soft to the touch, so capacity is no longer in it. Perhaps she cut quite young and probably even in the early morning. But she waited too long for a buyer. The freshness of the roses is determined by the presence of all the petals on the Bud. If extreme torn, fresh look – only decoration. The stem should be firm, green, leaves green and intact, too. When pulling a leaf, it should not easily come off.

From gerberas, carnations, chrysanthemums, Aster and eustoma necessarily see the middle. It should be firm, not fully expanded, slightly greenish color, but in any case, not brown and not yellow color. Orchids can be very long, as this epiphyte are accustomed to a variety of harsh conditions.

The care of flowers in a vase

Lilies will last longer if they have to cut the stamens. All of the flowers before you put them in a vase, the ends of the stems are cut on a slash. A tree (Mimosa, lilac) are crushed. Mimosa, lilac, gerbera and roses plunge cut end of the stem for a few seconds in boiling water.

All thorns, leaves, branches, which are located on the trunk within the immersion in water is necessary to remove, especially chrysanthemums and asters. In water for flowers is not necessary, following the old recipes, add sugar and other homemade spices. But the disinfecting tablet of aspirin or boric acid on the tip of the knife is necessary. And best of all to buy a dedicated tool for extending the life of cut flowers, which is used by professional florists.

The water should be cool for all colors except lilac, Mimosa, and Orchid. Lilac and Mimosa it is better to put in hot water. Orchids prefer warm. For all colors the water should not be from the tap, and defend. Change the water the flowers in the vase must be at least two times a day, and the stems daily to cut.