You will need
  • Tools:
  • level;
  • - trowel;
  • - capacity;
  • - a drill with a nozzle "mixer".
  • Materials:
  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • - bricks or blocks of foam;
  • - foam.
Remove the old window along with the gearbox, clean the window opening from the insulation, remove all the dust and dirt that appeared after the dismantling. Lay the window with bricks and foam concrete blocks. The advantage of the latter in their face ease, they do not contribute to increasing pressures on the wall and the Foundation.
There are two types of bookmarks window: a dull and hollow. You know, in order to preserve the insulation of the wall to place the window opening, you need to maintain the wall thickness, which is calculated in accordance with the requirements of the necessary insulation of the room. When a remote method tab of the window you are laying the entire wall completely through the thickness of the solid rows of bricks or foam in place of the window opening. With floors method, the window opening is laid a row of masonry from the street, and the second row space, the space formed between the rows of masonry is filled with foam or expanded clay serving for additional heat insulation.
After dismantling the window opening and site preparation for the laying of bricks you have to choose one of the above methods of laying the formed opening. In the process, keep track of the level of the masonry, to avoid distortions in the vertical direction, and horizontal, use a level.
Often in the Northern areas of the country, and also in areas with sharply continental climate the builders are recommended to sew a window, i.e. on top of the masonry to install a protective layer. The material can be fiberboard, thin plywood,and a sheet of roofing material, sometimes even drywall, which, however, is not the best option, because over the years, the plaster crumbles and naturally poured out of kept informed of its leaves.
After completion of the tab window should be plastered doorway on both the inside and outside of the room. It is not just outer beautification of the facade and the walls inside, but due to the fact that the blocks of foam to moisture and precipitation, need extra protection. In addition, plastering is able to give the walls additional thermal insulation properties.