Outdoor grill should be cleaned with a metal scraper. A cell is a low capacity (for convenience it can be mounted on the cart), which raked leftover food, litter. Next, you need to lift or completely remove from the cage bars and clean out the manure. To rabbits does not interfere during harvest, they can overtake in the neighboring Department of cell, followed by closing the hole with plywood valve. So cleaned all the cages, and finally swept the floor of the rabbitry.
The cleaning process will be accelerated if, under the floor grate to install the pallets of plywood or sheet metal. They will fall between the slats of the lattice manure. If the pallet is made of wood, the bottom should be covered with polyethylene film that protects the boards from swelling and plywood from the bundle.
Initially, you should clean the bars of the cage, and then push the pan and shake from it the accumulated manure in any capacity. This can be done through a special hatch in the wall rabbitry, where the waste will go directly into specially arranged outside the barn compost pile.
A couple of times a year, especially in autumn and spring, can not do without the disinfection cells. This procedure can be performed in different ways. The most simple and effective of them is the handling of the Warren fire. For this suitable gas burner or blowtorch, which are processed cleaned wooden parts of the cell to a light russeting. During this procedure, it is important to be careful to not fire.
Disinfecting the rabbitry with the help of chemicals. In the case of using chloride of lime, is taken a 10% solution, which is using a broad brush cells are processed, the inventory and the walls of the Warren.
Excellent kills germs ash lye. To prepare the solution in boiling water is added to wood ash (based on 1/3 of the volume of water). The mixture is boiled for about half an hour, and then filtered and again brought to the boil. Then immediately hot solution should start processing the cells.
Whichever method of disinfection was not applied, the outer part of the cells periodically, it is recommended to cover with a solution containing slaked lime. Wooden feeders are useful to treat fire blowtorch, and components of ceramic, glass, metal autokorpusas and autopilot better to be boiled.