Peru Alexander belong to the 14 poems. It's "Ruslan and Lyudmila", which Pushkin wrote during the three years from 1817 to 1820; "prisoner of the Caucasus" and "Gavriliada", written in 1821-om; "Vadim" and "Brothers robbers", the writing of which Pushkin was finished in 1822; the fountain of Bakhchisarai (1823-iy); "Gypsies" (1824); "Count Nulin" (1825-yy); "Poltava" (1829); "TASIC" and "little House in Kolomna", written by 1830; "Ezersky" (1832); "Angelo" and "the bronze horseman", the writing of which was completed by 1833.
The greatest work of Alexander is a famous novel in verse "Eugene Onegin," which Pushkin wrote for nine years – from 1823 to 1832.
Dramatic genre includes the following works of the great Russian poet – "Boris Godunov" (1825); "the covetous knight", "Mozart and Salieri", "the Feast during the plague" and "the Stone guest", written in 1830; "the mermaid" (writing lasted three years – from 1829 to 1832).
Left Pushkin and a huge list of beautiful poems, which total literature is conventionally divided into two period, from 1813 to 1825, and from 1826 to 1836. The most famous of the first group are the "Cossack", "Bliss", "Batyushkovu", "memories of Tsarskoye Selo", "Dreamer", "rose", "the Tomb of Anacreon", "Separation", "True", "Singer", "the Awakening" and others. And the second – "the Nightingale and the rose", "Akrion", "angel", "Poet", "Message Delvig", "Talisman".
Many did Alexander and prose: "the Negro of Peter the Great", 1827; a small "novel in letters" (1829-yy); the unit "stories of late Ivan Petrovich Belkin" in 1830, which includes "the Shot", "Blizzard", "the Undertaker", "the stationmaster" and "mistress into maid"; very impressive "History of the village goryukhino" (1830-yy); "Roslavlev" (1831); "Dubrovsky" (1833-iy); "The Queen of spades" and "History of Pugacheva" 1834; "Egyptian nights" and "Journey to Arzrum during the campaign of 1829" (1835-yy) and "captain's daughter" in 1836.
Loved and popular among Russians following tale, written by Pushkin – "the Groom" 1825; "the Tale about priest and his worker Balde" (1830-yy); in 1831 was completed two more – "the Tale of medvediha" and "the Tale of Tsar Saltan, of his son the glorious and mighty hero Prince Guidon and Saltanoviche about a beautiful Princess swans"; 1833 first date is the completion of two works – "the Tale of the fisherman and the fish" and "the tale of the dead Princess and the seven knights", and in 1834-om Pushkin finished writing "the tale of Golden Cockerel".