Gold 375 carat is equivalent to 9 carats. It only contains 37.5% of pure gold. The main composition of this alloy of silver and copper. Gold jewelry that are manufactured from it very durable, but they quickly lose their luster. Gold price 375 samples - the lowest compared to other samples.
Gold 500 samples corresponds to 12 carats. It consists of about 50% pure gold. This alloy is rarely used for making jewelry, as it has poor casting characteristics. In addition, colour of this alloy is strongly dependent on the content of silver and copper, which makes the manufacture of gold jewelry is problematic. Everything else, products from 500 samples of gold in 2-3 years some fade. This alloy has a low cost and is used for assay control.
Gold 585 correspond to 14 carats. It contains 58.5% of pure gold. Also it consists of actual metals such as copper, silver, palladium and Nickel. This alloy has a high strength. Over time it does not tarnish. Low price jewelry and various products from gold 585 makes them available to the population at large. By the addition of the actual metals you can get different shades of alloy of this order: red, green, and white. In the jewelry market of Russia and countries of the former USSR alloy 585 represents the gold standard. Previously, such a standard was 583 gold alloy, which is in high demand today.
Gold 750 corresponds to 18 carats. It is 75% pure gold. This alloy is added to the copper, silver, platinum and Nickel. Gold jewelry 750 samples have moderate strength and lend themselves well to jewelry processing. Due to high content of pure gold they are prestigious and at the same time expensive. The high price of gold jewelry 750 stamp eliminates many connoisseurs of the solar metal.
Gold 958 sample corresponds to 23 carats. It is high-grade alloy, as it contains 95.8 percent pure gold. The hue of this alloy is almost indistinguishable from the color of pure gold. The gold sample makes jewelry and wares very soft. However, they are easily scratched and lose its beautiful appearance. Russian jewelers rarely use gold 958 samples in the manufacture of jewelry. The cost of this alloy, almost pure gold.
Gold is highest, 999 is 24 carats. This is the most high-grade alloy, but it is rarely used in the jewelry industry. In jewelry it is mainly used in the form of various inserts that are wear resistant and durable cushions are covered in gold, as a rule, 585. Alloy 999 is very soft and susceptible to deformation. The price of such gold - the highest among all used by jewelers samples.
After comparing 6 jewelry gold alloys it can be concluded that the best alloy of gold 585. This alloy has the optimum ratio of price and quality.