To change input language while typing in a window, document or a program, press the key combination "Alt + Shift" on the keyboard. When you changed the settings, switch the language on the computer might be set to "Ctrl + Shift".
To change the keyboard mapping you can also, clicking on the language icon (usually "EN" or "EN")to the far right of the Windows taskbar and selecting the required input language.
If the language input is not in the default languages list, you must add it. To do this, click "start" and in the line "search programs and files" box, type the text of the query "language".
In the list of search results in the "control Panel", click once with the left mouse button on the line "Change keyboards or other input methods". Opens the preferences window "regional and Language options" to activate the tab "keyboards and Languages".
Click "Change keyboards..." once with the left mouse button. Opens the settings dialog "Languages and services of text input". Activate the "General" tab, which shows the language setting the default input and use on a personal computer languages.
In the "Installed services" click "Add..." in the appeared list, select one or more input languages that you want to add. To do this, select the checkboxes next to the desired languages, click on the row with their name once with the left mouse button, and then click OK.
In the "input Language" default language select constant from the list available.
To change the shortcuts used to change the writing language, activate the tab "keyboard" and "shortcut keys for input languages", select the line "Switch input language" and press button "Change key sequence...". In the dialog box, select the desired combination to change the input language and keyboard layout and click "OK".
To activate use of hot keys enable individual input language from the list used click once with the left mouse button on the line "Include NNN" (where NNN is the name of the input language from the list of installed) and click "Change key sequence...".
In the dialog that appears check the box next to "Use shortcut keys", select the desired key from the submitted lists, and then click "OK".