You will need
  • Language pack operating system Windows Seven.
Immediately it is worth noting that the localization serves only Ultimate and Enterprise editions. There are two ways of Russification: applet "Windows update" and manually, by downloading a special package from the official website.
In the first case the applet startup menu "start" - under "All programs" select "Windows update" (Windows Update). All you have to do is specify the desired language pack and confirm the correctness of the performed action. All files will be automatically downloaded from servers and installed on your computer.
If for any reason this operation cannot be performed, for example, limited Internet connection or no, it is recommended to download the files of Russification at a friend's or Internet cafe. Copy them to removable media and connect this device with computer.
Links to download the language pack are below. Install a language pack by running the executable from removable media. Open the menu "start" (Start) and in the search box, start typing the phrase Change display language. Select this item, you will see a window with a title is Region and Language. Go to the block the Choose a display language and from the drop down list select "Russian".
Click "OK" to close the window and restart the computer via the start menu. When the computer boots you may find that not all elements Russified, for example, the welcome screen. To do this, open the applet "regional and Language options" via "control Panel" and navigate to the "Advanced"tab.
Here you need to click the "Copy settings" and a new window put markers on the "welcome Screen and system accounts and New user accounts". Click OK, close all open applications to re-restart the computer.