Classification of Bank identification codes of conducts Central Bank. Directory of BICs is updated monthly. For each Bank BIC is unique. Bank identification code consists of nine digits. The first two digits indicate the country code. For Russian banks is always used code "04".
The next two digits (3 and 4 sign on the left) – code of territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with the "Russian classification of objects of administrative-territorial division". If the 3 and 4 digit BIC is equal to "00", it means that the branch of the Bank located outside of our country.
The following two figures (5 and 6 sign on the left) – code division settlement network of the Central Bank, or conventional number of the territorial units of the Bank of Russia. It may be in the range from "00" to "99".
The last three digits (7, 8 and 9), the conditional number of the commercial Bank or its branch in the division of the settlement network of the Central Bank, which opened its correspondent account. It can take values from "050" to "999". For cash settlement centers in the Russian Central Bank these bits are set to "000". Head cash management center and other units that perform its functions, these bits indicate "001". For other division of the Bank of Russia the data digits corresponding to the code "002".
Since the directory of Bank identification codes is open and posted on the website of the Central Bank and in other financial systems, all encoded in this information is available from external data sources. Extracting data from Bika appropriate only in the absence of the information system at hand. From Bica you can find the regional location of the Bank branch of the Bank of Russia, responsible for registration and maintenance, as well as the approximate date of the opening of the Bank, because the internal Department number is assigned as the registration of new credit institutions.