What does the use of ointments from varicose veins

Ointments from varicose veins easy to use, they are easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Usually they are based a heparin - anticoagulant that improves blood properties and has an additional analgesic, and vessel restorative effect.

For example, the ointment of varicose veins may contain extracts of chestnut, donnici and Ginkgo biloba. In the drug may contain several active substances. Vitamins have a positive effect on the walls of the veins, and D-panthenol improves the processes of regeneration in the soft tissues of the lower extremities.

Applying the ointment for varicose veins, did not succeed to completely eliminate the disease. However, the presence of such medical components allows to thin the blood and reduce venous pressure. The use of ointment will help to eliminate swelling of the legs, a feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs.

In addition, the use of ointments from varicose veins, prevents stagnation of blood in the veins as well as reduce the occurrence of relapse and reduce inflammation of the veins. All this will greatly facilitate the patient's condition. To avoid complications and serious problems, it is necessary to treat the disease at an early stage, and do not forget about the prevention of varicose veins.

Ointment varicose veins

Ointment varicose veins do not require a prescription to purchase them and have an affordable price. However, such drugs should only be purchased by qualified phlebologist after the survey.

Modern ointment varicose veins can be roughly allocated to multiple groups.

The first group includes drugs based on heparin. These ointments are quite varied, but their positive effect is to accelerate the resorption of blood clots after sclerotherapy thrombophlebitis and, in the process of the rehabilitation period after surgery.

The second group includes anti-inflammatory ointment-based non-steroidal drugs, for example, "Indometacin" or "Diclofenac". These drugs are used for therapy and prevent the development of thrombophlebitis of superficial veins.

The third group comprises ointments made from ingredients that have venotonic properties, for example, "Troxevasin". Typically, these medicinal drugs are prescribed for mild cases of varicose veins.

The fourth group includes ointment preparations based on hormones glucocorticoids, for example, "Flutsinar".

To establish what kind of ointment you should use can only be a doctor-phlebologist. Self-medication can result in serious problems, and therefore before the beginning of treatment to consult a specialist is necessary. In addition, it should be remembered that these ointments are subsidiary means, as to eliminate the very varicose veins they are not capable.