Buying a dog, especially a purebred, entails a big change in the life of the household. At first glance, it may seem that bought the puppy is happy and positive. In fact, the process of raising a puppy, his growing up and training require efforts, patience and respect to the animal. Many breeds of animals are such that choose only one master, and only recognize his commands.

"Man dog friend!"

First and foremost, remember that a dog is an animal, and operates their animals concepts. The family dog is her pack, with its hierarchy and rules. Trying to take their place in the hierarchy, the dog is very thin feels real leader, and most often it becomes the selected host. Also the dog chooses the owner and person who genuinely will not just love her, but really to educate and to care. The dog must respect his master and feel reciprocal respect in the party. The owner of the dog should be only one, and the rest of the family can just be friends with a dog and a little bit to help the master in education, games.

On the role of his beloved master, the dog is likely to choose the person who:

- satisfies most of the needs of dogs such as food, walks, games, new knowledge;
- makes it clear to the dog that he is the leader and his demands to be performed.

The period of "imprinting" when most dogs determined by his lifestyle and choice of the owner, begins at the age of 5-6 months. This is an approximate time, because each breed has its own characteristics.

The "total" dog

Also, it often happens that the more equitable the distribution of responsibilities for caring for a dog in the family dog becomes "total". She, like all members of the family, occupies a certain place in the hierarchy and, based on the space occupied, it builds a certain relationship with each family member separately on the basis of their dog's reasoning. That is, with one family member the dog will be happy just to walk, but with others, for example, thrilled to play catch-up.

In fact, if the dog has a host, it is visible to the naked eye, no matter how well communicated the dog with neighbors, friends or just strangers. It's very noticeable if between the dog and owner have a contact. With the proper education and training to its master the dog shows a special love, respect and obedience.