The rules of combination of red and green

Coupling within the ensemble of things green and red colors might seem too geeky and pointless. However, the impression is created due to the exceptional brightness of both hues. Red and green are natural colors, the combination of which can often be found in a natural setting.

Stylists call a combination of green and red complete. This means that the obtained ensemble will fully comply with the existing principles of harmony. However, the mind set should be aware of one feature: red should be the main, and green – complementary. As a rule, "third" flowers in this combination are not required.

When the red connects to green in one ensemble, both colours begin to seem brighter. Therefore, creating a spectacular ensemble, be sure to pay attention to the shades. A wrong combination will look too busy and disharmonious.

For example, beautiful and dynamic looks connection scarlet and emerald. Also perfectly complementary mint and red. But at the same time saturated green and red will be very cutting eyes.

Green-red ensemble looks very energetic, juicy and somewhat exotic. This combination is perfect for spring and summer images. Experts on the psychology of color recommend this tandem, people moving, extravagant and loving attention.

Red-green set: effectively and juicy

The main feature of the combination of green and red in the clothes - no need to use additional colors. Bright combination, as a rule, does not require any add-ons and is self-contained. When connecting the red and green items of clothing you must make sure that both colors were equal or only red was in the lead.

For example, with green pants just put on a red jacket or shirt. If you want to "play" the colors of the top: under the bright sweater use elongated top one or two shades lighter. Will help strengthen red sandals or shoes with matching.

A great combination will turn green skirt and red blouse/jacket. The shoes should also be in the color of the top. But the bag or a scarf can support the bottom.

If you want to be noticeable, select a bright green dress. Supplement it should be dark red or even Burgundy accessories. If the dress and accessories are decorated in dark red and green colors, the stylists suggest to introduce a third color, in perfect harmony with both shades. In this case, the appropriate option would be silver, gold or bronze details.