Red is a versatile color, so the dress can be orange-red and blue-red shade. Clothes, depending on the situation, can be a classic, playful, in fashion lace and simple, long and short dresses, asymmetrical dresses and straight cut. In short, to choose a red dress can a girl with any type of appearance. Versatile color looks great on blondes, and brown hair. And to choose accessories, you first need to evaluate the style of the scarlet dress.

Accessories for red dress

Red goes well with black, silver or gold color. These luxurious colors make the look harmonious, but selecting accessories such scheme, try to pick a consonant tone makeup, jewelry. In the summer you should make a choice in favor of white or beige shoes, bags and hats, belt. Original ensemble you can make, choosing brown sandals, clutch, jewelry stone tone. It could be Jasper, amber or Topaz.

The red dress, you can get shoes of the same color, but a shade darker. If the dress is decorated with embroidery, sequins, rhinestones, has a long train, full skirt or sophisticated drape, is not to overload the image of a large number of ornaments. It is better to choose simple but stylish chain bracelet on the arm or a beautiful brooch. This can be either gold or silver ware and beautiful jewelry.

For red evening dresses a good choice would be the purple Cape or even boa. In cool weather you can throw on the shoulders of the tippet or to take strict jacket. You can complement the outfit with the wide belt, suitable to the dress to emphasize the waist. All because the red color requires a perfect figure.

Red dress combination of black and Nude tights, stockings. You can experiment with the white tights, if the dress is short enough.

Makeup for red dress

Choosing makeup for red dress, you must avoid vulgarity, overly bright colors. However unsuccessful will look and pastel makeup, because the background of dress the colour of fire there is a risk that the gentle tones of "lost".

Skin tone must match the shade of the outfit. When choosing a blush make the choice in favor of bronze, brown tones, they will help to highlight the cheekbones. Lipstick should be as natural shades – beige, light pink, you can choose red glitter, it will refresh the image.

Take red lipstick to red dress, if your color type is closer to the winter, in any case, the skin tone must match in color with the fabric color of the outfit. And, of course, do not forget that when you perform the makeup emphasis should be laid either on the eyes or on the lips.

When choosing eye shadow can stay on grey, beige, coffee tones. Will look tacky with a red dress is purple and any shade too bright. But the eyeliner and volume mascara are by way of lush, expressive eyelashes will be a godsend for the Royal image.

The red dress will suit the French manicure or Polish color of shadows. Red Polish would be appropriate, if you take not very bright hue. Choosing a red dress, don't do complicated hairstyle. Optimal solution – classic styling with waves, high beam issued from the strands.