Can a friendship after a breakup

The unequivocal answer to this question can not be. A lot depends on what purpose you or your ex-boyfriend want to keep warm relations. Most often this occurs when one has feelings, and he hoped that the friendship will help to bring back the old love. It is possible that someone of the partners tries to make the external appearance of prosperity, showing common friends that they were able to leave with dignity. But there is also a probability that both respect and appreciate each other and actually want to be friends.

The first two options are unlikely to come out something, because this is only the appearance of friendship, but if you have a really warm feelings to each other everything is possible. In fact, contrary to General opinion, between the former lovers often there is a real friendship.

To happen, you need to leave. If the break occurs at the initiative of one partner, to maintain friendly relations is unlikely to come. There probably will be a friendship "out of pity" when one loves, and the other gives him in return is friendship. And, on the contrary, a deliberate mutual decision to break relations may be the beginning of a sincere friendship. It is only important to clarify before parting, eliminating it all go unsaid.

It is very important not to forget that the past should stay in the past. This should apply to both your relationship and communication with mutual friends. It is not necessary to devote them in all the details of your new relationship. Also, before you start to be friends with a former beloved, consider that this may prevent you from building a personal life with a new person.

How to save the friendship after breaking up

Try not to make hasty decisions. Ceased emotions can make you regret the excessive flatness. In parting, do it with minimal losses. Be more practical, because, after parting on good terms, you will find a good friend who you may call once for help.

Take a look at the former beloved. If you are interested with him, he is a good interlocutor, a reliable person, then it makes no sense to abandon his society in the future.

Try to approach the gap constructively. Gather your forces and tell me about the need to break up and the reasons that pushed you to this. Listen to all the arguments of the partner. If the decision of the gap is taken mutually, then we solve all domestic problems and will share their ideas about your future relationship, giving false hopes. Speak directly, if you want to meet later or just sometimes to call.

Feel free to say goodbye the kind words partner, thank him for the experiences, for good time and relationship. I sincerely wish him happiness and rejoice in the fact that it will remain in your life in a new way. Such behaviour at parting will make the breakup much less painful.