In advance, remove the quail eggs from the refrigerator and let them stand a bit at room temperature. Otherwise, when cooking due to the sudden drop in temperature, the shell can crack.
How to wash the eggs under running lukewarm water with soap and a soft sponge clearing them from contamination. Be careful – the tender shell is easy to damage.
Place quail eggs in small saucepan and cover with cold water so that it covered them completely, add a pinch of salt. Salted water boils faster, in addition, thus you will increase the density of water. Therefore, even if the egg cracks, protein from it will not flow out.
Put on medium heat, bring to a boil.
Reduce the heat. The water should not boil, otherwise the eggs will clash into each other and can crack.
If you wantto boil eggs hard-boiled – keep them on heat for 4-5 minutes, that is enough. If you increase the cooking time – the yolk becomes hard and rubbery. For quail eggs soft-boiled enough to cook them after boiling for a minute.
After cooking, immediately place eggs in cold water – otherwise clean them from the shell will be very difficult. Leave them in water until cool.
Cold and wet quail face slightly remember in his hands, put them on a plate or knock them on hard surfaces so that a thin shell is cracked on all sides. Gently scrape the egg from the shell and film. You can bring to the table!