First of all, remember that there is no universal way to quit Smoking. Don't forget also that many are trying to kick the habit several times. For people with great experience of Smoking is normal. It is possible that you are trying to help a close person for the first time. If so, ask him what you can do to help him. The help that you expect may be very different, for example, you just need to talk to when there is a strong craving for cigarettes or go together to a party where most likely there will be a lot of smokers.

In any case, do not try to blame someone or grumbling at him, it's completely pointless. Instead, try to keep the motivation for quitting Smoking, praise him if he tries to cope with this habit. You can also try a reward system, it's a pretty strong incentive. However, to reward the person needs whenever it reaches the next success, for example, kept one cigarette in a week. Don't delay praise and reward for the indefinite future.

Explore human behavior, look at where and under what circumstances he often smokes. Try to keep him away from it. Be there when they have the desire to light another cigarette. Say that it'll pass, try to distract him, offer to do a few deep breaths, maybe it will help him.

If you recently quit Smoking, share your experience, it can be useful. In addition, you, as a man, cope with this addiction can become an example to follow. Explain to the person the positive aspects of quitting Smoking, which was noted by you at the time. Most importantly, these changes were noticeable in the short term, it will help to maintain motivation. Say, for example, that quitting Smoking is very quickly and positively affect the breathing and lung function, clothes and hands won't smell of cigarette smoke, etc.

If prolonged and persistent work, you may be able to force a person to stop Smoking. However, remember that most of those who have recently quit Smoking return to cigarettes within the first three months. Your task is to keep close to you. When and if you encounter this problem, try to find out from the man that forced him back to cigarettes. Talk to him about how should do next time to prevent such a development.

Remember that your attempts to help your loved one quit Smoking should not be terminated. If you are unable to do this this time, in the following. Don't forget that many of those who quit Smoking did it with the support of friends and loved ones. Other psychological aspects and possible ways to motivate a loved person steps on the site