Because edema represents the accumulation in the body of excess liquid that accumulates as a result of disorders in the kidneys or heart, and hormone disruptions, allergic reactions and other diseases, when they occur, you should consult a doctor. However, often the appearance of edema due to malnutrition – namely, a glut of sodium in the diet. To normalize the water balance need to eat more protein foods, a variety of greens and dairy products.

Nutritionists recommend to reduce the number of drunk tea and coffee, replacing them with clean fresh water. People suffering from edema should be excluded from the diet of ham, sausages, cheeses, canned goods and other foods with a high salt content.

It is also recommended to drink instead of other beverages are natural diuretics, as a decoction of birch buds, teas with cranberry or currant leaves, lingonberry or cranberry fruit drinks. They gently cleanse the body, relieve swelling and noticeable refresh the skin, which can be put in order during or after the swelling with the help of frozen parsley juice or a compress made from fresh cucumbers. Excellent "chase" the urine and such vegetables and fruits like watermelon, cranberry, cantaloupe, pumpkin, tomatoes and cucumbers.


The most effective natural remedies, which has a strong diuretic effect, is the grass of Adonis, calamus root, flowers of dark elderberry, pochechuynaya Highlander, strawberry, parsnip, creeping wheat-grass, Heather, knotweed, and Woodruff. An excellent diuretic you can prepare parsley – for this you need to wash it, cut and pour the milk and then steamed until complete melting milk turning the mixture into a thick mass. This medication should be taken 1 teaspoonful several times a day until complete disappearance of the edema.

To take a natural diuretic herbs is best when it is not necessary to go anywhere – though they remove excess water softer than medication, but the toilet will have to run.

For the most effective elimination of excess fluid from the body, diuretic decoctions advisable to drink in the afternoon, when the body begins to actively get rid of all unnecessary. The interval between administration of natural remedies should be more than 2-3 weeks, so the body is not accustomed to non-aggressive current herbs. Eventually replace components of diuretic teas other natural components to get a good effect.