First you need to find out everything about the opponent. You need to find out its strengths and weaknesses, what she likes, dislikes, what her habits. Pay special attention to her weaknesses, so when the opportunity to use this information against her. If you have no friends in common, you can find information through social networks or simple observation of the object.

Included in the trust

You need to find out the preferences of the guy what he likes in girls. Then try to give their appearance and behavior similarity with his ideal. Don't go too far, do not cease to be themselves. Completely fake a person will not be interested for long, sooner or later the deception will be revealed and you will lose it.

Often spend time with a guy, try to be alone. But don't show outright hostility to his girlfriend, because it may embroil you. At first you need to show your best side – a fun, sweet, understanding girl who shares his interests.

Start to do something together. If the guy loves to run in the evenings, offer to keep him company. You can ask him to teach you his passion, if you, for example, do not know how to roller skate, and he knows how to perfection.

Win guy

When you feel that you established a warm and trusting relationship, you can move on to the second part of the plan is to embroil the guy with the girl forever.

Use its shortcomings, but with the mind. No need to go ahead and say that he doesn't need a girl with a big nose or crooked legs. Use the shortcomings of her character. For example, if she likes to go to clubs without him, placed the boy's head the idea that she might cheat on him. Or if she loves shopping, make a joke that you don't earn that much per month, how much she spends in a day. Give the guy food for thought, so he began to doubt his girlfriend.

At this time next to him will you – a girl who suits him perfectly. You have common interests, you spend a lot of time together, with you it feels easy and relaxed. Now you can start to seduce him.

Dress to emphasize your femininity. Use a little makeup and perfume. Frequently touch his face when you walk with your hands, laugh at his jokes, look into her eyes longer than usual.

Try to capture all of his time that he did not have time for a girlfriend. Invite to concerts of your favorite band, movie news, outings for Jogging or your General interest. Agree in advance to any suggestion of his girlfriend he answered "I already promised to go to another place". And eventually they will leave and you will take her place.