Advice 1: How to break boyfriend and girlfriend forever

It is very sad when the man of your dreams is already seeing someone. But all is not lost, because you can try to embroil the guy with the girl, and then take him away. You will need to put a lot of effort, but sometimes it's worth it.
How to break boyfriend and girlfriend forever
First you need to find out everything about the opponent. You need to find out its strengths and weaknesses, what she likes, dislikes, what her habits. Pay special attention to her weaknesses, so when the opportunity to use this information against her. If you have no friends in common, you can find information through social networks or simple observation of the object.

Included in the trust

You need to find out the preferences of the guy what he likes in girls. Then try to give their appearance and behavior similarity with his ideal. Don't go too far, do not cease to be themselves. Completely fake a person will not be interested for long, sooner or later the deception will be revealed and you will lose it.

Often spend time with a guy, try to be alone. But don't show outright hostility to his girlfriend, because it may embroil you. At first you need to show your best side – a fun, sweet, understanding girl who shares his interests.

Start to do something together. If the guy loves to run in the evenings, offer to keep him company. You can ask him to teach you his passion, if you, for example, do not know how to roller skate, and he knows how to perfection.

Win guy

When you feel that you established a warm and trusting relationship, you can move on to the second part of the plan is to embroil the guy with the girl forever.

Use its shortcomings, but with the mind. No need to go ahead and say that he doesn't need a girl with a big nose or crooked legs. Use the shortcomings of her character. For example, if she likes to go to clubs without him, placed the boy's head the idea that she might cheat on him. Or if she loves shopping, make a joke that you don't earn that much per month, how much she spends in a day. Give the guy food for thought, so he began to doubt his girlfriend.

At this time next to him will you – a girl who suits him perfectly. You have common interests, you spend a lot of time together, with you it feels easy and relaxed. Now you can start to seduce him.

Dress to emphasize your femininity. Use a little makeup and perfume. Frequently touch his face when you walk with your hands, laugh at his jokes, look into her eyes longer than usual.

Try to capture all of his time that he did not have time for a girlfriend. Invite to concerts of your favorite band, movie news, outings for Jogging or your General interest. Agree in advance to any suggestion of his girlfriend he answered "I already promised to go to another place". And eventually they will leave and you will take her place.

Advice 2: As the guy dressed in the club

Clothing and appearance are concerned not only girls but also guys. Especially if the upcoming party acquaintance with the opposite sex. If you want to be noticed on the dance floor, going to the club, try to look beautiful and stylish.
As the guy dressed in the club
In clubs there is a dress code. Usually it is that you will not be allowed to a disco in dirty, unkempt clothing. Tracksuit also it should be left at home. In addition, sometimes the clubs are organized theme parties in a certain style – cowboy, beach, style of the sixties. Before choosing your attire, please read the rules of the dress code at the club.
There are many sites where professional photographers post their pictures of the best parties. Note how dressed up the guys in these photos. You may be able to pick up a similar suit, given the characteristics of your appearance and shape.
Choose clothes suitable to your age. A young guy will be appropriate to look at the club in torn and worn jeans and tight t-shirt. Solid man it is better to prefer pants and shirt. Man under forty in tight jeans and a young man in a suit will look out of place and weird.
Safe bet would be jeans and a stylish shirt. If desired, the ensemble can be supplemented with original strap, a vest, a cardigan, thin sweater. From a Shoe to choose shoes, in some cases, a valid stylish shoes or sneakers. Clothing should be in size, unless you go to a club on hip hop party.
The lighter your hair, the lighter should be the shirt. Acceptable men's shirts of any color, including pink. Stylish look will shirt striped large square, with an ornament.
However, it is not enough to buy fashionable clothes, still need to be able to wear it. Things should be clean and fresh. Before going to the club Polish to Shine shoes. Appearance should also match – washed and styled hair, clean-shaven face. If you will feel comfortable and confident, you are sure to impress.

Advice 3: What if she loves someone else

Unrequited love can cause terrible suffering. The choice in such cases is small: either to try to win a loved one, or leave it alone. The situation is complicated if we are talking about a love triangle.
What if she loves someone else
First decide whether to fight for his beloved, or will agree to accept that your feelings will remain unrequited. It is very important to consider the relationship of a girl with a man, the man she loves.
Don't be fooled, be objective when talking about the relationship your sweetheart with her man. Do not convince yourself that he is not worthy of it, if you are not sure about it. If we are talking about the happy couple, it is better to step aside. If your lover is unhappy with another, or else are unable to conquer his heart, you have the chance to achieve this.
Having decided not to seek love, have the courage to keep your feelings to yourself. If a girl can't reciprocate, she will feel guilty. In addition, if you have had a good, trusting relationship, a Declaration of love, you could lose it forever.
If you find it too painful to spend time together with sweetheart, find yourself a new hobby, expand your circle of acquaintances, often try to spend time with other people and less with her. In some cases, you can also try to find a new love, but be careful, because you can conquer a girl's heart, not caring for her feelings, and she suffers from unrequited love, how you suffer.
Proceed very carefully, if you want to make my beloved to forget her young man and to answer your feelings. Never in the presence of the girls don't say anything bad about her boyfriend, but notice that she complains that his behavior is irritating and so Your goal – to gently, gently make it clear that you are deprived of the shortcomings that have your opponent. Demonstrate those qualities that are like your sweetheart.
Try to get closer to the beloved, become her friend. Let it reveal its secrets to you, says the relationship with another man, because this way you will be able to find a weak spot in their relationship. And most importantly – when they fight, you should be able to be there to comfort, but in any case not to try to seduce and not to talk about his love. Just become as necessary as air, and to conquer the girl will be much easier.
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