Do not ignore messages, calls and other signs of attention from a fan, as it is unlikely to stop its attempts to draw attention to themselves and can only be even more incentive. But do not rush to make contact and respond to every message. Begin to act as if the guy appeals to you for the second or third time.
Look what a fan wants. Most often, young people are turning to the girls with an offer to meet or to meet. Thus, they want to start a future serious relationship. Also a guy can be configured on a normal, friendly communication. But there are all sorts of lewd suggestions and even threats that need to stop in the first place.
If a guy just want to chat and friends with you to email or tell him on the phone that you are currently not interested in friendship. Complete your failure of one or several reasons. Tell them you are quite happy in the company of his friends and not want to expand your social circle. You can also refer to strong employment or lack of common interests, for example, if a guy wrote you in a social network and you have the opportunity to view his page.
Upon receipt of a proposal to meet and establish a loving relationship feel free to reply that your heart is already taken, even if it is not. If the guy was too pushy, explain that he doesn't fit your ideal, and you are not satisfied with his appearance, character, interests, etc.
On obscene offers and threats threaten the interlocutor's response that such acts are prosecuted, and if he did not stop them, you will pass the correspondence to law enforcement. Also I can add that will write a complaint to the management of the resource, where the communication or contact your network operator.