Studios translation series at the moment, a huge amount. They are engaged in a professional Studio, and fans, and the fans, when you can't find her favorite series. Good opportunities for modern Internet users very much. However, not all versions of the translation or the voice acting of the series can like. In what here business and how to choose the best variant not to be disappointed in the series?
Traditionally, the best is, of course, an official translation of the series. For this channel buys the TV rights to the series from the foreign companies, after which the translators treated the text, and in the Studio recording voice. This translation is the best because it performs a large team of professionals. To voice out well-chosen actors who know their stuff, and the recording on quality equipment. To watch this series is nice, although many critics still find errors even in the work of professional translators. A transcript of the show - the process laborious and long and therefore appears not immediately after the show abroad. Many fans do not stand up to expectations, so looking for another translation.
In this case, the viewers are treated to the results is the huge number of Amateur and semi-professional recording studios that exist on the Internet. Their professional level has grown over the years, so among them at the moment find a very nice and high-quality translations series.
You need to consider what to say, which of these best studios, it is impossible for several reasons. First, they translate a large number of TV shows, so on some work is better, on some worse, and some shows not work at all, and work on them stops. It depends on the reaction of the audience: is the story of heroes for they popular or are interested in it units.
Second, personal preferences also play a role: some viewers may not like the voice of a company, while work on the season, held at the highest level. And finally, thirdly, this assessment depends on what series to watch. There is no one better Studio "Kurazh-Bombay" in translating humorous TV shows, such as "the Big Bang Theory or How I met your mother". The series "Dr. house" suggest to only look at the translation Studio LostFilm, while "Dexter" is best translated from NovaFilm.
All in all, among the most popular studios in the translation and recording are the following: LostFilm, NovaFilm, NewStudio, "Courage Bombay", "Cube in cube". When viewing a particular series is better from the beginning to decide which version of the translation and voice acting like the audience the most. To make it simple enough, almost every Studio has their own website with collection of TV shows on it.