At the present time leaves a very large number of series. They are removed in different genres and styles so everyone can find something to their liking.

Perhaps the most popular genre is "sitcom" or a situational Comedy. In fact, this genre is already a couple of thousands of years, in Ancient Rome played of the play, the plot of which was based on the incredible coincidences. Each episode of a modern sitcom is a like a mini-play. Series of this type are removed in special pavilions, the most high-budget - in front of a live audience.

Comedy series

An instant classic series in the genre of situational Comedy, you can call the TV series "Friends". It is talking about three young men and three girls who live in new York, work, meet with other people. This series gained immense popularity, thanks to witty dialogues and very alive characters. Currently the series is completed.
The average season of the American series contains from twenty to twenty-four episodes. British TV shows rarely contain more than six episodes in the season.

Actually, a modern variation on the same theme is the TV series "How I met your mother". This is a witty series in which architect Ted Mosby tells his children the story of their meeting with their mother. Almost all the good that was in "Friends" in this show are slightly exaggerated, because of what he looks at one go. At the moment, will dosimetria the last ninth season of the show, puts all points over i.
There are dozens of exciting series, the main heroes of which are maniacs, space cowboys, writers, detectives, and many others.

Drama series

The more serious of the series may find it an interesting series "Rome". This is a very ambitious series, with high historicity. Many experts believe that this series is most convincingly displayed in Rome in the time of Caesar. The result was a pretty brutal and honest series that is of interest to a complex and fascinating story, based on historical events. In the series it is possible to trace the fate of Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark Antony and other historical figures. Series duration in twenty-two series currently completed.

If you interesting winsome crooks, twisted crimes and investigations, see "White collar". It's a show about a former con artist who cooperates with the FBI in the field of investigating financial crimes. Complicated plots with unexpected twists in every episode for a long time hold the attention. And with love spelled out the relationships between the characters are genuine interest. The series is currently cleared.

One of the most intriguing series in recent years, the British "Sherlock". It is talking about... Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson, who met in the modern world. Traditional and familiar stories of Arthur Conan Doyle are undergoing interesting changes, using the latest, modern technology allows a very different approach to the investigation of crimes. Now filmed three seasons, each of three half-hour series. According to rumors, will play two more seasons.

Unfortunately, Russian TV series so far, only chase foreign models. While they do not have enough budget, and crews experience. That is why it is preferable to watch the foreign original series than a bad domestic remakes.