Vladimir Turchinsky has gained popularity of the athlete and Gladiator under the name "Dynamite." During his life he worked as a translator, actor, businessman, and also led a huge number of popular entertainment. The first success Turchinsky has brought the show "gladiators", which opened him the way to the sport, bringing the Dynamite became a member of the competition the world's strongest athletes. After Russia Turchinsky admitted the most powerful man in the country, his career literally jerked forward.
The first TV show that had Vladimir Turchinsky became sports-entertainment program "Star-start" and a family program, "Mom, dad, I — sporting family" on RTR. On their shooting, he met with Yuri Sapronov, a famous producer who invited marLED Dynamite in the TV series "Cobra. Antiterror". Then Turchinsky acting career took off and he began to actively act in different films, playing memorable and striking role. The last works of Vladimir became the most popular transfer "Laughter without rules" "Lethal League" and "fear Factor" and at the same time he was doing voice acting series of American cartoons.
Since Vladimir Turchinsky has been a bodybuilder, it suffered from hypertrophy of the heart muscle, which has forced to move the athlete to the field of showbiz. After reducing the load the heart of the Dynamite went to work in a quiet mode, in which case it just was weakened by the lack of the usual volumes of training. Shortly before his death, Vladimir passed the procedure of blood purification, which was the catalyst for spasm of the heart muscle and its overload, the heart just failed once again to fulfil the role of the transfer pump.
Resuscitation team did not have the slightest chance to run the heart of a showman, even with extended defibrillation – the volume of the atrophied heart muscle was so minimal that the run was just nothing. The peak load in the plasmapheresis finally finished off the heart of the Dynamite, bringing him to instant death and the loss of a cheerful, kind and cheerful host.