To move it is best to choose a free day to catch move all of our stuff in the morning and in the evening to do the cleaning and placement. This, of course, depends on the quantity of your belongings: if you don't have furniture or her very little to do with the move you can in a few hours. But if you have to disassemble, pack, and then ship to transport all the furniture out of the apartment, it is better to start this process in advance, without waiting for nightfall.
Usually days off from the working population are on Saturday and Sunday. On the one hand, the weekend is the perfect time to move into a new house or apartment. On Saturday you can carry things, and on Sunday quietly to furnish a new home. However, remember that during the weekend transport company can take payment at the increased rate, moreover, these days a move, so the machines can be busy. So order the goods in advance, without waiting for the time when things are already Packed. It is best to order cargo taxi at the end of the work week, and moving day to call and confirm the time of transportation.
When ordering the car to move, it should be borne in mind and the General transport situation in the city. Most taxi truck have an hourly fee, and if the truck with idle in traffic and will be late in carrying out your order at least 10 minutes, you will have to pay for an hour of his work, and this is a considerable sum. So if you want to save money, it is best not to call the car in the morning and evening on a weekday, when people go to the offices and back from work. Particularly difficult situation on the roads on Friday afternoon and until late in the evening. But in the weekend you can choose almost any time for the move.
If you follow the signs, the most auspicious day to carry things to a new place is Tuesday. Business activity is increased in this day of the week and by Friday is already starting to decline. The move will also be favorable on Thursday and Saturday, while Wednesday, Friday and Sunday better not to take such important things. Leave the old housing better just clean and tidy – so you show respect to the former home and his new owners will keep only the best memories of his former life.
Among the signs, which tells for relocating folk wisdom and tradition to let the first house cat to go to the apartment only after a senior family member, not to cross the threshold of the house for the first time without a helpful burden in the hands and as soon as possible to finish unpacking things, to rid the house of negative energy.