Advice 1: Why doesn't my computer see the camera

To connect the camera to the computer usually are automatically installed for the connected device and displays the contents of memory. If not, there are several exits from this situation.
Why doesn't my computer see the camera
The reasons are that the computer does not recognize the camera, there may be several. It may be the camera and the computer, or rather its port, and as a result, the motherboard. Besides, it is necessary to define what is meant by the word "sees". If the device is connected and is defined as a USB device, but the image cannot be displayed, the case in the drivers. Connect any device to USB, go to device Manager, in section universal serial bus Controllers USB" should be added to the storage device. If near one of the points there is a yellow exclamation mark means the drivers are installed correctly and the camera is not displayed on the computer. Therefore, it is better to take the disk that comes with the device, and reinstall the driver.If the camera is connected, the drivers installed and the computer does not see the device, check if this USB port. Take any device that can connect to it and check it out. For example, a flash drive, external hard drive. If the port is working, then you need to check the cable. Take the cord from another device - they are universal and are the adapter between mini-USB to USB and try. If not, then the reason lies in the camera.Most often the damage is subjected to a USB controller - this can occur due to improper connections and disconnections or other reasons. In any case, you can temporarily solve this problem temporarily by using to copy the photos to your computer card reader. Try connecting the cable to a different port (on the rear panel of the system unit).If these actions helped to connect the camera, but the computer does not see pictures, try the following. Call context menu on "My computer", select Properties, go to the tab "Equipment", "device Manager". Locate the camera, click the right mouse button, then select "Properties" and change "Disabled" to "Enabled".

Advice 2: Why the computer does not see usb

By default, Windows operating system automatically detects the connected USB media. If the computer ceases to display the content required device, it means there is a problem that can be associated with both software and hardware component of the system.
Why the computer does not see usb
Connect the flash drive to the computer and go to program control connected devices. To do this, right click on the menu item "start" - "Computer" and select "Properties". In the window that appears click on "device Manager". If the disk is not defined in the system and does not appear in this window, it is likely that it is faulty.
Try to connect the memory device to any other computer or insert another flash drive into the USB port. If another data carrier is determined by you in the system, then the problem lies in the faulty device, which was not determined.
When connected to a computer, phone, music player or tablet, check the settings for this device. It is likely that the options just isn't labeled connection type, which you can select the appropriate section in its menu. If you connect a device via cable, check it and snugly inserted into the computer port.
When fully operational media, try connecting it to another USB port on your computer. As a rule, modern systems have several openings for connecting devices.
If you are using a newly purchased computer before and never connected the stick to check for the required USB drivers. To do this go to "device Manager" and look for the presence of the "USB Controllers". If this menu item is missing or marked with a yellow color and an exclamation mark, double click with the left mouse button on the tab "Other devices" - "USB Controllers" and select "Update driver". After the procedure, restart your computer and again try to install the media into the USB slot of the computer.
If the flash drive is still not detected, you must delete the file "INFCACHE.1". To do this, go to the directory Windows – System32 – DriverStore hard disk C and select the appropriate document for removal.
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