Advice 1: Some photos need a passport

The photo on the passport is an important component of the package of documents submitted to the Federal migration service together with the application for his extradition. What are the basic requirements for it?
Some photos need a passport
To the photo on the passport agencies of the Federal migration service responsible for issuing these documents, special requirements, compliance with which is a prerequisite for its issuance.

Basic photo requirements

A list of the main requirements of the photo on the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, is subject to state regulation: it is set by joint Order of the interior Ministry, the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation and FSB of the Russian Federation No. 785/14133/461 of 6 October 2006 "On approval of the Instruction about the procedure for processing and issuing passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, diplomatic passport and service passport, being the main documents proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the territory of the Russian Federation, containing electronic media".

This document, in particular, requires that a given picture size, which was 35 by 45 mm and was made on matte paper. Photos may be either black-and-white and color, and the basic conditions contained in the document relate to the image of a human face. So, it should take up most of the surface of the photo, to have a relaxed facial expression without a smile, a person's eyes must be open and aimed directly into the lens, in the same direction and rotated the shoulders. The image must be sharp, have a natural color to conform to the present mind of man: editing photos is not allowed.

A separate clause in the document applies to the presence of photo accessories. So, photographing in points allowed for people who constantly wear glasses. However, the resulting image should allow you to clearly see the eyes of a man: thus, it is impossible to be photographed in tinted and other glasses, closing the iris of the eye. Regarding the use of headwear, it is allowed only for people wearing them for religious reasons. However, in this case the person the person should also be clearly visible and unambiguously identifiable.

The order of photographing

The reality is that people rarely self-photographed for the passport: most often they turn to specialized Studio, which is aware of the requirements of public authorities to the photo on the document. It is only necessary to inform them about the purpose of photography. In addition, when making new passports in many territorial offices of the Federal migration service photography is done by its employees directly at the time of receiving the documents.

Advice 2: What need photos for passport

Almost any Russian citizen has the right to obtain a special passport that gives him the right to travel abroad. Currently, a valid passport as the old model, with five-year validity period and a new renewed up to 10 years. Requirements to the photos affixed on the passports, different. In addition, if you submit an application for the registration of the international passport on the website of public services, the photo to it you will need to provide in electronic form.
What need photos for passport

The advantage of the passport of the old sample, and there is still the opportunity to register in OVIR according to the place of registration is its lower cost design and the fact that it you can enter their children, whose age does not exceed 14 years. For the new biometric passports for each child you will need to issue a separate document.

For registration of the passport of the old sample you will need to make 4 photos of size 35 × 45 mm. They can be black and white or color, with shading, background is definitely white. But in either case, they should be placed on a special matte paper. So you need to warn the photographer that you need photos for passport. Two of them you glued to the application form and certified by seal of the enterprise where you work, and two, not cutting, taking, along with a package of documents.

On the new passport under the word "Passport" in Russian and English, is the logo of the chip. It symbolizes that the passport is biometric and contains an electronic chip with the holder's photograph and duplicate all data of the passport electronically. For its design you will need 2-3 colour photographs (size 35x45 mm with shading on a white background. The paper on which they are printed should also be matte. These photos are for internal use. The photo on the biometric passport you will make the staff of the FMS of special equipment.

If you issue a passport on the Internet portal, you will need to do three pictures. To apply one of them should be sent in electronic form as a file with the extension JPG. Its size must not exceed 300 KB, resolution should be 600 dpi, background shooting preferably blue hue, but not white. The image of smudge and retouch can't. Note that this image has additional requirements. Lighting when shooting should be uniform, and the picture - without the effect of "red eye". When the print size 35x45 mm head length should be 32-36 mm, width 18-25 mm. No hats or sunglasses in the photo is not allowed.

In addition, to complete the questionnaire you will need one regular photo 35x45 mm matte paper and one that will make the staff of the FMS in order to paste in the passport.

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