As much detail as possible, describe the file, provide its a beautiful screenshot, to attract users to your torrent. Even if the file is very necessary and rare, people often do not download it, if the description is vague and the screenshot is low quality or missing. However, overdoing it is not worth, the text descriptions don't have to remind spamovye "letters of happiness".
Try to advertise your hand, give a link to the torrent on the discussion forums, talk about it on social networks such as "Vkontakte", "Odnoklassniki", "My world", "Twitter". It is not excluded that your associates and friends will be happy for this distribution, will become the new peers and, later, seeds.
Report the torrent buddies who possibly would be interested in the file. This will help you ICQ, Agent, email, even SMS text messaging and phone calls. The more people that know about the file, the more it will be downloaded, and the higher the download speed of each user.
If you are interested in any torrent, ask people on the tracker to stay longer on hand. After all, the new peers attracts a large number of seeders. This is also true, provided that the file has been "flooded" you. Ask the seeders to distribute the file can be longer still in the process of drawing up the description to the torrent.
If you have not created the distribution, but only downloaded the torrent, do not rush to delete it from your client after completion of work. Thus you increase your ranking in the network. And, besides, it will give the possibilityto download the file to a larger number of people. The exception is the situation when you use mobile Internet with limited bandwidth. In this case, such a luxury you can't afford it.