Why you may need to download a whole website? For example, you need the information that it contains, and you want to keep it always at hand. If you haven't see the updates on the website, there is a risk that the owner lost interest in the project, stopped paying for the hosting services, and the portal soon will not work.

You may occasionally have to be in places where there is no Internet, but you need access to a specific website. In this case, you can download it and use it in local mode.

Another option is to create your project you need the source code of the website. It can be images, templates, pages or videos. It is important not to forget about the need to comply with the law, if these facilities are protected by copyright.

The preservation of the site manually

The easiest way that requires no special knowledge and software to save websites page by page, manually. Just open one page after the other and choose in the browser menu item you save the page.

Of course, this method has noticeable flaws. It will take a lot of time and requires a large amount of routine work, especially if you want to save large portal. In addition, many of the dynamic elements of the site in local mode will not work correctly. High probability that it will stop functioning internal links and the menu will be useless — every page will have to look in the folder and open it separately.

Program for the conservation of sites

There's a more convenient way is to download the website program. The undoubted advantage of this method — automatic operation. To solve this problem, there are several programs both free and distributed freely.

One of the most popular programs of this kind — Teleport Pro. Its undoubted advantage is the possibility of Russification. It allows you to set the desired depth of loading of pages — for example, do not pump the page below second or third level. There is a built in browser that improves the experience. The only "drawback" is a paid program, but maybe some time to work in demo mode.

Another program of this kind — Offline Explorer. The interface can be localized. Its advantage is the ability to save the site as a whole, but only specific sections or pages. Supports resuming, which is very convenient if the site is impossible to download for the day. Like the previous program, requires purchase of a license.

If you don't need to download sites, then you can stay for free program with similar functionality — HTTrack. It allows you to install Russian language support download resuming works in a multithreaded mode. Able to resume download when the connection was broken. If you have limited traffic, gives you the opportunity to limit.