You will need
  • - PC with Internet browser
  • - Internet access
  • - you may need to program a graphical editor
Open the page that you want to keep using one of the web browsers (e.g., Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). Make sure you are on the page you need.
Locate the menu item "Save as" or "Save page as". Often look for it in menu "File" (click on the word "File" at the top left once with the left mouse button to see a dropdown list of possible actions). However, in some browsers, to find this menu quite difficult. For example, if you use Opera, you first have to go to the menu, called "Menu" (red button top left), find the item "Page", and then already in it to find the sub-item "Save as". To save a web page in Google Chrome, go to tools menu (icon of a wrench at the top right).
If you have correctly completed the previous step, will appear on the screen in the dialog window. Select the place on your computer where you would like to save the page. Select the desired folder, you can by clicking on the arrow in the triangle at the top of the window or by selecting one of the icons on the left.
Choose a file name to save the page. You can leave the suggested computer name, and enter in this line its name.
Set the file type by clicking on the arrow in a triangle next to the field. If you need to save the page completely, so that later it displayed "as is", select the file type "Web page, completely". In this case, your PC will create a document with the extension .html and a folder that contains all graphic elements of the page. This method is used most often. The choice of menu item "Single file web archive (*.mht)" will create a single large file, which will also be saved all the pictures, but to open it will be slower. If the only important text and images are either absent or not as desired, use the format "Web page, HTML only". In addition, to save the web page and in a text file with the extension .txt. However, unlike the above methods, in this form, the saved page is treated worse, because in the text there are all the advertising headers and auxiliary captions.
Sometimes you want to save the page as a picture. Opening in the browser desired page, press Shift+Print Screen. Then run any graphic editor, e.g. Paint, press the key combination Shift+Insert paste the image and save it. But remember that using this method will keep only the part of the web page that appears on the screen of your monitor.