If periodontal disease has escalated and has led to loosening of the teeth, it is better to consult a doctor for qualified help. And simultaneously combine treatment with means of natural origin, can strengthen gums and teeth. Use them in the complex for outdoor and indoor use. Do not forget about the possible reorganization of foci of infection and the proper care of the mouth.Start treating your gums right teeth care. Daily (morning and evening) clean the teeth , a special medical paste, or prepare it themselves. Mix toothpaste with calamus root (0.5 root at one time) and while cleaning the teeth and massaging the gums. Rinse gums, use medicinal infusions prepared or prepare them yourself from more available resources. To do this, mix two parts of oak bark with one part lime color. Brew 1 tsp with a glass of boiling water for five minutes to warm on the fire. After cooling, strain, and rinse your gums, the infusion flowing through the teeth. The oak bark can be used separately. Brew it according to the instructions and keep your mouth (between cheeks and gums) for 2-3 minutes. Repeat 3 times a day.To strengthen the gums and prevent the loosening of the teeth use fir oil. They soak cotton or gauze in 10-15 minutes (no more) apply it to the gums. Repeat this process for 20 days. After 6 months, repeat the course. Also for strengthening the gums can use garlic. Within 2 weeks, RUB them with a clove of garlic.Be sure to take vitamin-mineral complexes. And in addition, drink herbal teas, has a firming action, in, for example, nettle. Boil 1 tbsp leaves with Cup of boiling water. Within 30 minutes, to insist in heat, and then strained the drink half a Cup 3 times a day an hour after eating.To strengthen loose teeth do dental gymnastics. For this chew to cystoscopies state a sprig of Apple blossom, rose or currant. However, start slowly with her biting. And only after 2-3 weeks can grind it between your teeth. A month later, holding the twig in his hand, try to tear from it teeth layer by layer. These exercises improve blood flow to the gums and teeth.