The garden experts recommend planting near the house is pine, fruit and in some cases fruit trees. If you approach this process with the mind, it does not require much effort. Usually trees are planted in spring or autumn.
Coniferous trees — the perfect solution to decorate the area. Any conifers should be planted at least ten meters away from the house so the powerful roots further damaging the Foundation. These plants prefer a sandy soil, it is better to plant young shoots. Note that conifers like light, so they need to put on a well-lit area. Spruce and pine can and should be planted around the perimeter of the fence, this will allow you to get rid of the hassle (or at least reduce them) for the collection of falling cones and needles. Conifers will eventually provide real privacy to your site. Besides, they are great to cleanse the air of harmful substances, so if your house is near the road, pay attention to conifers.
The most common fruit trees that are usually planted near the house are ash and walnut. Walnut requires heat and moisture and is not too fond of strong winds, so it is best to plant close to house so you can protect its crown and leaves from the action of a powerful air flow. Nut very badly to the transplant, because not too developed root system, but it is thanks to her that the tree will not harm your house's Foundation.
Rowan is a beautiful tree, it will delight the eye all year round. It is quite undemanding in cultivation, it prefers a lightly shaded place. The fruit of this plant may persist all winter.
The most successful fruit trees for planting next to a private house growers consider plum, apricot and cherries, as these trees do not require a lot of light. Before planting, thoroughly moisten and fertilize the soil. These trees require regular care — feeding, circumcision unnecessary branches, so before planting you need to realistically assess their strength. Abandoned trees that no one takes care of properly, it is rare to find a tasty fruit.
It is not necessary to clutter up the front of the house a variety of trees, it looks weird and inappropriate. A small number of well-tended plants create a cozy atmosphere in your area. Besides, in this case, they will not interfere with each other to grow.