What trees and shrubs to plant around the house

For example, conifers prefer sandy soil and bright place. It is better to choose Mature trees, and seedlings. Then they better take root. Their major drawback - the presence of a strong root system. Being quite advanced, it can easily harm the communications or the Foundation of a house. Of course, it should be considered when selecting a location for planting. It should not be less than 10 meters away from the building. Ideal - spruce fence or a place along the fence.

Mountain ash, cranberry and other fruit trees will also adorn any yard. The bright colors of leaves in fall, red berries in the winter - it will be pleasing to the eye. These hardy trees prefer shade and moisture. Therefore it is better to choose for planting the shaded areas. And of course, don't forget to fertilize the soil.

But the walnut will be happy with the wet and warm parts of the site. Better if place choose near the house. You need to avoid windy areas on the site. This can harm the tree. The choice of the location should be treated responsibly. Frequent change of residence may be detrimental to the tree. Because its root system is quite weak.

If the climate allows, you can decorate the space around the house with fruit trees. Cherry, cherry, apricot, peach, pomegranate, plum - they prefer fertilized soil. It is better that she was also wet. Depressions in the soil should not be more than 100 cm.

From the bushes the very popular dogwood. He quickly propagated by dividing the Bush. Therefore, even small amounts will eventually get quite a lot of bushes. In late autumn its leaves turn scarlet. It looks very pretty, especially against the backdrop of the first snow. Depending on the species, it can be both a shrub and tree.

In addition to turf is often planted physocarpus English (meadowsweet, Spiraea). It begins to bloom, this shrub is from the end of June, and has bright red or yellow leaves. However, this effect can be achieved only if the spirea plant in full sun. Otherwise its leaves will not get a brightness and lose decorative.

Both shrubs grow very quickly. For this reason, you need to be prepared to devote much time to the constant pruning of the branches. A distinct advantage is that the branches can be given different shapes and in the end create a beautiful hedge.

What to look for when planting trees near the house

Before the landscaping of the site, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the plan. Misunderstandings may arise with neighbors. Therefore, it is better to discuss with them all the nuances of future landings. After all, there is no guarantee that the trees will not shade the plot.

Each tree should be planted so that it will not create inconveniences existing adult trees and shrubs. It is also important to know exactly where to plant trees is not worth it. For example, close to the fence. The roots of trees should not touch communications: plumbing pipes, wires, irrigation system area.

Among trees it is better to maintain a distance of about 2 meters. In this case, the roots or the branches do not interlace. Such trees as poplar, walnut, or birch grow quite quickly. For several years they can grow up to 20 m. Branches of trees that are planted close to the fence, can be damaged themselves (about the fence) and to damage the Foundation or the roof.