Monitors differ among themselves on different parameters, therefore, it is necessary to seriously grasp what is meant by each of them. After that, you will just need to decide what kind of monitor will fit for you personally.

The size of the monitor screen

Initially you need to decide what size monitor you need. Screen size measured in inches diagonally.
1 inch equals 2 54 cm

The greatest demand at the moment are models with a diagonal of 19 inches. This is a classic option for the workplace and for the home.

Fans of watching movies or playing computer advised to buy a bigger monitor. For example, with a diagonal of 24 or 27 inches.

Screen resolution

The next thing you should pay attention to is the screen resolution. Resolution is the number of pixels displayed by the monitor vertically and horizontally. For optimal performance 19-inch monitors, the extension shall not be less than 1280x960 pixels. For 22-inch monitors is considered normal extension 1600х1050 points.
The point size should not exceed 0.3 mm. - Point size less than 0,278 considered a good enough indicator.

The angle

Each monitor has a limited viewing angle. If you are going to use the computer alone, do not pay much attention to this figure. However, to view photos or movies with friends need a monitor with good viewing angles. Choose those models that have a viewing angle of at least 160 degrees vertically and horizontally.

Please note whether any of the model the ability to adjust the monitor vertically and horizontally. It happens that even in monitors with good viewing angle, the image may be slightly distorted.

The exterior of the monitor

In most cases, you should pay attention to this factor.

The surface of the monitor can be glossy or matte. The picture in the glossy screen will be brighter, but any light will reflect off of this monitor, and this will affect the usability. Therefore, if this monitor and to buy, it is best to work in a dark room. In models with a matte surface the picture is less juicy, however, it does not create any discomfort in the work.

Display color has no effect. Therefore, trust your taste and choose your favourite.

Different ways of connecting to the computer

The monitor can be connected to the computer, via digital or via analog input. In the presence of a digital input between the monitor and the computer is using a direct connection. Thanks to this the picture becomes clearer and brighter, I wouldn't say the analog input.