Salads are very popular in any cafe, because they are quick to prepare, and are easy and hearty dish. Imagine in 5-7 menu of traditional salads such as Olivier, Caesar and Vegetable, as well as attract the attention of a few new recipes. Carefully consider the names of your dishes: favorite meat salad, called "Austrian" or "Knight", will be of interest.
Snacks and sandwiches are ordered for a quick snack or to take with you. Explore the menu nearest competitor and offer your visitors something that the others don't. Also focus on the main category of customers, their preferences and financial opportunities. It can be hot dogs and hamburgers, if there are schools, and the majority of visitors are students. If you visit cafes more often business people, then imagine the menu of sandwiches with different types of sausages, cheese and ham. Always popular canapés with caviar and red fish.
Fresh pastries looks delicious, and its aroma increases the chances of attracting a large number of pulse visitors. All sorts of rolls, croissants and pies are always popular among guests.
Hot meals are available in the café is quite simple, which do not require long cooking process. At lunch time it makes sense to provide 2-3 choices of soups, but be sure to offer fish and meat to choose from.
Pay special attention to the selection of desserts for her café. Although traditional ice cream, cheesecake and fruit salad are favorite treats for many visitors, experiment with new recipes of desserts. Looking for a dish will cause the greatest demand and can become your calling card.
The range of drinks are based on the format of the institution and take into account the main category of visitors. Usually a steady demand for Apple and peach juices, others a little less, but the choice must include at least 5 items. It is necessary to have available several types of mineral and drinking water. Of course, many people love to visit the cafe in the first place because of the delicious milkshakes. Usually order a strawberry, chocolate and banana. If the cafe involves the sale of alcoholic beverages, the wine list should include at least 10 positions. Well, if you will have the opportunity to order a cheese plate.