Be patient and understanding toward your girlfriend. If you rush or push her, she may withdraw into themselves or resent you. To forget a past love, it takes time and support for a loved one.
Just let her talk and find out more about his predecessor. Talking about your ex-boyfriend, she will be able to look at it from the other side, thanks to your comments. Gently emphasize his bad side. She couldn't pay attention to the fact that he was often late, never gave gifts, and did not call back, but you will notice it. Keep in mind the above disadvantages and learn from his mistakes. Find out what she liked in it to use it for their own purposes.
Remove all reminders of him. It is desirable to remove from her apartment photographs of the former, all his gifts and memorabilia. When walking, avoid the place where they were happy. Show her another world, discover new areas of the city and interesting places.
Find a new occupation. The girl needs to unwind, to forget about their experiences. Find out what she wanted to do, preferably together. A great option – pair dances. You will spend a lot of time together, is fun, allows you to feel intimacy with a partner. It is important to choose something that will really interest the girl.
Expand her circle of friends by introducing your friends. It is desirable to warn about her vulnerable state that it would be nicer. Friendly company, fun and new friends is a good way to emerge from bad memories.
Show love and surround her with attention. Sensing your concern, she'll enjoy, she'll feel loved and be able to quickly break with the past. Say compliments, make cute gifts, spend more time together. Become a part of her life and drove past.