Vnukovo airport is on the tenth km of the Kiev highway from MKAD. You can reach it in many different ways: by car or taxi, Aeroexpress, bus or minibus.
To reach by car or taxi the easiest way on the Kiev highway. It is also possible to get by Borovsky and Minsk highway. It is recommended before departure to clarify the situation with traffic jams. If the Kiev highway freely, you should choose it because it is the shortest and fastest way. On the road, pay attention to the signs to roll in the right place.
Those who do not have their own vehicles, we can recommend to use Aeroexpress. The train departs from metro station Kievskaya, Kiev railway station. Journey time – about 35-40 minutes. To get to the terminal train, exit the subway to the Kiev station and select the input that says "Aeroexpress". It is located directly opposite the shopping center "European". The train arrives at the underground stop at the airport, which takes you up to the terminal And the Elevator. To get to the other terminals, you should go outside and go under the overpass, following the signs.
The bus or minibus is a convenient way to get to the airport for those who live in the South-West of Moscow. In this case, to get to the center to catch the train from there, would be a waste of time. At the Vnukovo airport by bus № 611 and 611с, they go from the metro station "Yugo-Zapadnaya". With good location bus No. 45. You should exit from the first carriage from the center, go to the underpass to the right, then turn left and climb the stairs, then walk a little right along the traffic, to the bus stop.
If you decide to take a bus or a minibus, be careful. From this stop and takes a taxi that says "To Vnukovo", the numbers of bus no. This bus does not go to the airport, she went to the village of Vnukovo! To get to the airport if you decide to use it, you will need to walk, it will take 10-20 min.