Telescopic baton belongs to a class of shock-blunt weapon. In Russia it is not equivalent to melee weapons, as mistakenly believed by many, and by special means (certified police). An outright ban on her wearing no (with the exception of products made from hardened steel), but when detected, law enforcement officers may have questions. To use this device exclusively in self-defense.

Key features telescopic batons

These products are made from metal or durable plastic, parts made of rubber. The design consists of several cylinders, connected together on the principle of the telescope, that is, put each other. In firing position all the details are put forward to form an elastic, more weighty from one end of the rod. For cylinder mounting, use of special stops mounted on the inside of the batons.

Standard proportions for this weapon does not exist. Every manufacturer produces a product which considers the most successful. The average length of the baton can range from 30 cm to 1 m. In the folded position 12-17 cm For the purchase of these products does not require permission.

Selection criteria telescopic batons

Striking part of the baton is her first (remote from the owner) third. It requires special attention. This item can be made of any material, it is more important that it was more weighty. The most simple stick – plastic. Its length folded is 30 cm, in the unfolded – 50 cm Consists of two sections, the percussion part has more weight, since the inside of the cylinder is rubber with metal tip. Experts claim that this device provides a cauterizing effect, that is, capable beyond expectations. This optimum baton for self defense those who do not have skills more solid weapons.

Among these products the most popular is a production company Euro Security Products and ASP. These batons are used like ordinary citizens and law enforcement officers. The diameter of the rods may be different: 16, 18, 21, 23, 26 inches. Clubs on 16, 18 and 21 inches are made in two versions: with ergonomic handle and sliding. During the selection you need to take the baton in hand, to understand how conveniently it is located in the palm of your hand. Judging by the reviews, ergonomic handles feel better.

Batons are made in two ways: using a sharp wave and automatically with the push of a button. Both options have their fans, so it's hard to say which one is better. When you select this option, expandable batons, you need to focus on their own preferences. Experts advise not to buy products made in China, as because of the poor quality, they can bring its owner in the most unexpected moment.