You will need
    • milk
    • chocolate
    • cherry syrup
    • ice cream
    • whipped cream
Prepare the necessary products.For a simple chocolate cocktail , you can use milk, cream and cocoa ice cream (preferably without additives in the form of sugar).Mix ice cream with milk in a ratio of 1 to 3, add 3-4 teaspoons of cocoa. Whisk thoroughly ground with a mixer and pour into a tall glass.
Get creative.If you have some time, experiment! Melt the tiles of dark chocolate in a water bath, mix with milk to chocolate while it is cooling down thickens, but not too liquid. Cool the mixture. Connect with ice cream in proportion 1 to 2. Beat with a mixer and pour into glasses.
Don't be afraid to experiment!Dark chocolate and cherry is a classic flavor combination. Why not make a cherry chocolate cocktail? A small amount of cherry syrup while beating will make the flavor unusual. He'll definitely enjoy your guests!You can soften the taste of chocolate with a banana. If when cooking add to the mixture half a small ripe banana, cocktail will not only be very delicate and more dense, but with a subtle banana flavor.
Make beautiful!Chocolate cocktail can be not only delicious but also very beautiful. Because of the dense structure of the beverage can easily handle a cap of whipped cream on top or a small cocktailing the icing.Chocolate cocktail you can decorate with shredded coconut, candy sprinkles or small pieces of chocolate.If you show a little skill, you can get a cocktail in the form of a spiral in the glass. Fill a tall glass with a cocktail, pour into the center a little cherry syrup. Then gently, in a circular motion stir the syrup in a thin tube, gradually raising her up on the walls of the glass will remain spiral cherry color.