Than a checking account differs from other accounts?

In accordance with the instructions of the Bank of Russia, commercial banks may open for their clients various account types: current and fiscal accounts, current account, fiduciary account, etc.
The account can be opened for legal entity for individual entrepreneur, as well as for individuals. This account is designed exclusively for carrying out payment transactions connected with entrepreneurial activity.
By law, individual entrepreneurs and individuals not obligatory to open a current account. However, work without an account very difficult. The Bank of Russia set limits on the amount of settlements in cash, all payments in excess of 100 thousand rubles should be required to be carried out through Bank accounts.
The firm may have several accounts in different credit institutions. After opening an account, you must send a notification to the tax Inspectorate place of registration in the Pension Fund and social insurance Fund.

How to choose a Bank to open a current account?

Bank selection is an important issue that should be addressed thoroughly. In the market of banking services is very big competition. To of the many credit agencies to choose the best, it is recommended to focus on a number of criteria.

1. The reliability of the Bank. Look at the date of establishment of the Bank. If the financial institution providing the banking services more than 10 years and has an extensive branch network, it speaks about its reliability and sustainability.
2. The cost of cash management services (CMS) in the Bank. The order of cash and settlement activities are regulated by laws, but the cost of these services in each Bank will be different. You need to find out what is the monthly cost of service and what basic services are included in the service contract. Information on tariffs for RKO is possible to learn in help service or on the official website of the Bank. You need to find out first just how much it will cost account opening (one-time costs) and how much will the maintenance of settlement accounts (monthly payments). You should learn about the value-added services. For example, many banks offer services of the Internet Bank. Estimating one-time and monthly costs, it is easy to calculate how much will be spent on RKO for the year.
3. The popularity of the Bank among business partners and customers. It is easiest if the firm and its main partners will benefit from the services of the same Bank as the Commission for the conduct of intra-Bank payments are either not available or is minimal.