Right time for cheap holidays in Thailand

Cheaper just to have a rest in Thailand in the "off season" travel language "low season"). At this time, prices for many hotels, services and food are significantly reduced. Due to the outflow of tourists decreases and the cost of travel to the country from virtually any destination.

In Thailand, the "low season" starts in June – this time in the country is often hit by strong rains. The temperature rarely falls below 28oC. Prices in this period begin to decline gradually. The cheapest vacation get, if you go in late autumn, in the period from October to early December. Rains at this time less likely to happen, but tourists are still not very aktiviziruyutsya. New holiday season starts before Christmas.

The main items of expenditure: travel and accommodation

Some travelers believe that cheap to stay in Thailand is possible almost any time of the year. The main thing – to reduce the cost of flights. Convenient to get to the destination, carefully monitor the special offers of airlines. This will allow you to save money on travel from 10 to 40%. Another economical option is the purchase of a ticket on a Charter for 2-3 days prior to departure.

The hotel or hostel should be booked in advance. Cheapest holiday in Thailand you can, if you choose just a bed in a shared room. On average, the cost of such housing will be about 2000 – 3000 rubles for 10 days.

If you prefer a more comfortable stay (private room with private bathroom), accommodation will cost a minimum of 7000 – 8000 rubles per room for the same length of time. Save will allow the search of unique offers/promotions, which are often put up online portals for booking.

Some travelers prefer to look for housing upon arrival. This allows you to better Orient yourself, see the number and the terms and conditions. This maneuver is not very suitable for budget travel: Express settlement may be more expensive early booking.

How to save money in Thailand

If you are travelling alone, on arrival you will have to expect the guide and transfer to the hotel. At the selected location from the airport have to get their own. The best option for budget travelers the local bus. Straight from the airport they pick up tourists and deliver to other popular resorts. For example, travel from Bangkok to Pattaya will cost in Express is 150 baht, by bus - from 100 baht (but the taxi drivers can ask from 1500 baht).

Cheap holidays will work if you can get used to Thai food. It is cheap, but not all hit the spot. If it's only in the sharpness, feel free to ask in restaurants is not to use spices. European products, the cost of the latter will hurt the budget.

Save on everyday purchases and services will help the ability to bargain. Sometimes you can bring down the price almost doubled. However, to do it properly: be sure to smile and don't be aggressive. Experienced travelers claim that a gloomy person the Thais will never concede.