If you are planning a vacation in Thailand, try to come here between October and February – then your holiday will not be spoiled nor torrential tropical rains, nor the scorching heat. But in the spring in Thailand is very hot, so from March to may rest here, and only those, who are not afraid of the heat. But if your vacation falls in the rainy season, which lasts from July to October, try to choose the southern resorts of Thailand – here the rainfall is always lower than in the North. To make your stay in Thailand was unforgettable, in advance, make a trip plan: come up with entertainment for themselves which will best match your preferences, learn from tour operator weather forecast for the next few weeks and choose a resort that you find the most comfortable.

1. The most famous resorts are Phuket and Pattaya – here you can freely relax on the beach, subsidiaries sunbathe and see the exotic jungle. The best hotels and malls in Thailand are in Pattaya. But the most exotic plants and animals are found on the island of Phi Phi. For fans of quiet rest are more suited to Samui island, almost completely covered with dense vegetation, coconut plantations and gardens with fruit trees.

2. If you are crazy about pearl, be sure to visit Phuket. Here you will be able a tour to go to the farm to grow pearls. Not less informative and will be visiting the National Park and marine research, located here in Phuket.

3. Interest many local customs and traditions – many tourists go to Thailand just to take part in the colorful, extremely bright and unusual Thai ceremonies. The history of Thailand dates back several centuries, and during that time had formed many original traditions. Once on one of the local festivals, you will receive a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

4. The local cuisine is based on the use of components such as rice and seafood. In addition, in Thailand you can enjoy incredibly delicious fruit desserts with coconut milk and spices.

5. It is also worth visiting and the capital of Thailand – Bangkok. Today, this metropolis is home to more than 7 million people. This city, despite all its modernity, fascinates with its unique flavor. Shopping in Thailand will certainly bring you a lot of pleasant emotions – prices throughout the country is quite low, so for a relatively small amount of money you can buy a huge number of various Souvenirs.

6. Thailand is famous for its famous show – so if you want a truly fun and unforgettable way to relax in Thailand, then visit one of them, for example, the world famous cabaret show Alcazar. A tour of Thailand will introduce you to all the local monuments of architecture and culture – you can see the Grand Palace, the temples, the Golden mount and giant swing Lak Muang.