Look for housing on sites specializing in the rental of property in Thailand. For example, one of the most famous sites This site is in Russian. View photos of the vending price and location of hotels. Be prepared, however, that they are not detailed and do not always reflect reality. Read the reviews on the website about the hotel that was chosen - there are a huge number of hotels for every taste and budget. Payment must be made immediately. If you have a Visa Classic card or Mastercard, you can use them or to pay via PayPal.
Remove the housing in place upon arrival in the country. If you come to Thailand, leave the airport, order a taxi and call Khaosan road. Any taxi driver knows this place in Bangkok. Even in the hot season you can find housing on Khao San road. The prices are affordable, and the public living there. On Khaosan rarely live long, usually shoot for a couple of days to look around, buy a ticket on Thai island or in another country, to enjoy the atmosphere of freedom and serenity.
Go to the Agency immediately upon arrival in the country. Ask the taxi driver to take you to the nearest Agency or explore the center of Bangkok. If you see the window, completely sealed pieces of paper with pictures of houses and the price tags is what you need. There you quickly and with a smile pick the right housing. But keep in mind that for the Agency's services have quite a lot to pay. And often, to remove their own housing, which is in the database, can be much cheaper.
Come to the beach and, going from one restaurant to another, each ask about availability. It is rare that all booked solid, especially if you are not in peak season. That's just the price you can throw. Haggle in Thailand it is quite possible and even encouraged.
Go to the area of town where the locals live, and pay attention to the inscriptions on houses or fences. Often landlords post ads for Rent, and that their search customers are limited. You can shoot so good and cheap housing. This method is good if you intend to live in a fairly developed tourist areas, not in a remote Thai village.