Learn to love yourself. The habit of constantly blaming yourself in any way, as a rule, arises from the fact that the person is too much focused on their negative qualities. He constantly thinks about them. Try to make a list of their positive qualities, it may be, for example, character trait or some skill. You can also mention Hobbies that you like to do. The list should be as detailed as possible, write everything, even insignificant in your opinion, but really good stuff. In the future try to take all the items on this list a special role in my life. Focus on them, it will help to think less about things that cause you guilt.
The reason to blame themselves can be low self-esteem. Please note, if you do not belong to yourself, like a child, do you regret of yourself. If so, learn to take responsibility and answer for their actions, but don't blame yourself for everything that happens around you. If you continue to see the guilt and can't stop yourself, try to contact the experts. Remember that mistakes are an integral part of any person. Constantly blaming yourself makes no sense, it will not give you anything. Learn from mistakes and move on, but don't let yourself constantly immersed in guilt.
Please note, not rolls if you have the level of self-criticism. This is one of the causes of excessive feelings of guilt. If you see a similar behavior, try to focus on really important problems, skipping all small and insignificant flaws. Self-criticism is often a method to unjustifiably take the blame. A person can do is to surround acquitted him, saying that it is not his fault. Re-focus your attention on the essence of errors, study their causes, think about how not to commit them in the future instead of constantly worrying about someone else's fault.
Learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes. People find it difficult to forgive someone from your surrounding. Forgiving yourself can be even harder. However, without having to forgive yourself, to part with the feeling of guilt is impossible. The burden of responsibility will haunt you and constantly remind you that you made a mistake. It will make you worry about your actions and hurt to move forward. If you are not able to forgive yourself, try to start with other people. Forgiving someone for real, you will feel between you disappears a barrier, reminiscent of wine. In the future you will be able to apply it to himself.