You will need
  • plastic/cardboard
  • - scraps of fabric
  • - wadding/batting
  • - Scotch
  • glue
  • -buttons, Velcro, applique
To sew Dollhouse, take a thin perforated plastic or cardboard for the lightweight but rugged frame, various scraps of fabric, batting or a synthetic winterizer, tape, glue, and a variety of buttons, Velcro and application.
Cut-out skeleton leaves three 16х10 cm rectangle and two rectangles Then cut 16х7 see the side of the house with a square base and triangular top, the base should be 10 cm, and the angle of the roof should be 90 degrees. The length of the roof slopes – 7 see
Wrap the frame part of the batting and secure it to the plastic with glue or tape. Now select, what fabric is suitable for roofs, some for exterior walls and for covering interior walls. Choose a bright and colorful fabric of different colors.
Cut out pattern frame corresponding to patterns from different piece of fabric, considering 1.5 cm for a hem and stitching. Each side of the frame corresponds to two pieces of fabric for the inner and outer side.
Fold two identical cutting in different colors and sew them together on the reverse side. Leaving open the bottom part, remove the product and insert inside the frame with insulation. Repeat this step for each part of the frame.
After all the walls of the hut are covered, begin to sew the walls together. The house should be folding, so shivaite part together in the form laid out to build the pattern of the house. In the raised condition, the wall remained between him, them sew Velcro or buttons.
Complete your cabin appliqués, colored buttons, beautiful and comfortable handle for socks – and your Dollhouse from tissue ready.