Open the library Computer. Double-click the left mouse button on its icon on the desktop.
Go to the local drive where you installed Windows 7 operating system (usually "Local disk (C:)").
Open the system folder "Windows". If the system gives an error to access this folder, click the "Allow access to system folders".
In the list of files and folders contained in the open directory find the application "explorer.exe". To run the application, double-click it with the left mouse button or highlighting it with a single click, then press "Enter" on the keyboard.
Also find the file "explorer.exe" you can use the system functions of search of files and folders. To do this, open "Computer" and in the text box "find: Computer" located in the top right, enter "explorer.exe" and press the "Search" button or press "Enter" on the keyboard. The list of files and folders with matching names will be displayed in the viewport window.
Search function of files and folders represented in the "start menu" in the search line "search programs and files". In this row, enter the query text "explorer.exe" and at the top will appear a list of programs and files that meet the search parameters.