First of all, it is necessary to distinguish "background" and "Wallpaper". In the first case we are talking about solid fill desktop, and the second about the installation of the image. Even if the background picture (image) is missing, the background remains. Anyway, the background setting and background picture is in the same dialog window "Properties: the Screen". It can cause several ways.
Select the menu start the item "control Panel". If the contents of the control panel is displayed by category, click "appearance and themes" and select the task "Change background Wallpaper". If the control panel is in classic view, click on the icon "Display".
There is another way: click the right mouse button on any blank area of your desktop and select in the drop down menu the last item is "Properties". Opens the corresponding dialog box "display Properties". Make sure you are on the tab "desktop".
To change the background, that is, the fill color of the desktop, look in the right part of the window section "Color" and click on the arrow in the drop-down list of the different shades. You can choose the background color from the list or click "Other" to open the color palette.
Selecting with the left mouse button is the right shade in the palette, click "add to set" and OK. In the window "Properties: the Screen" confirm your selection by pressing the "Apply" button. If you are not going to change the Wallpaper, you can close the window by pressing OK button.
To change the background image (Wallpaper), select in the section "Wallpaper" - appropriate image by clicking on it with the left mouse button. All changes will be simultaneously displayed on a miniature monitor, located in the Central upper part of the window.
If you want to set as Wallpaper in your own image, click on the tab "desktop" click "Browse", specify the path to the folder where you stored your picture, confirm the new settings with "Apply" button and close the dialog box "display Properties".