You will need
  • - rhinestones;
  • glue;
  • - Scotch;
  • Lac.
To change the usual look of your phoneand decorate with rhinestones his case. If one day this ornament mobile you get bored, just need to change the case to a new one. And can be decorated several cases and from time to time to change them.
With a small amount of super glue or two component glue or affix the rhinestones to the surface of the material of the case.
Place decorations in any order. In this case it is worth using your imagination and not be afraid of experiments.
Lay with small strazikov beautiful pattern or ornament. Place accents with rhinestone larger size.
Use different colors and shapes. So you can create an exclusive, never previously encountered design.
When choosing a shop decoration for the phoneand discard thermostat in favor of the ordinary, put on the glue. The fact that thermorhinestones quite badly kept, and quickly come unstuck.
If you wish, you can paste rhinestones is not only the case, but the case itself is phoneand. We have to act according to the same scheme as with the design of the case.
Cover with a rhinestone on top of acrylic lacquer to secure the result.
Try to stick rhinestones on the body of the phoneand the following method. Select a suitable design or pattern and print it on a sheet of paper. Put duct tape, sticky side up. Secure it. Lay out the rhinestones on the pattern, sticking them to the tape face. Degrease with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, the adhesive side of the tape. Miss rhinestones - superglue-gel and carefully stick on your phone. Wait until the glue dries and remove the tape.