One of the simplest and most reliable ways is to look at reviews online. Just enter a website into the search bar and add the word "reviews". If the resource is popular, then you will surely find several websites where you can read the opinions of other users. Remember that reviews are often bought by the owners, so pay attention on the specifics.

Reliable sources

If the activities of the resource associated with financial operations, you can read information about it in the service WebMoney Advisor. It allows you to leave positive and negative recommendations. In this case, you can always look at user data – this will help to determine how long been registered in the account and how much you can trust him.

There are also special projects that are engaged in checking various websites, where user can pay money. As a rule, they carry out a full analysis of the resource. However, such projects are very few and they check not all. Therefore, if you are lucky, you can read a full conclusion about the reliability and security of the resource.

Methods that you can use independently

First look at whois there are available all information domain. You need to use special services like the whois-service. First, note the date of registration. If the site was less than six months ago, there is reason not to trust the owners. Secondly, you should pay attention to the country of the Registrar. It is desirable that it coincided with the address specified in the contacts.

Address, by the way, it is better to check separately. Don't be lazy, check the card and see what exactly is at this address. In addition, you can call the phone to check its authenticity. Special attention should be given to various issues related to payment, shipping, etc. usually a reliable company as fully as possible to paint such moments in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

You can also analyze the quality of web resource. As a rule, the projects created for fraud, is rarely a good design or content. Let's see how many comments left by users as they are natural. The presence of grammatical errors can also cause you to think twice before you give money.