You will need
  • Computer with Internet access.
View the contents of the attribute keywords in the meta tags on the pages of the website of a competitor. To do this, open the desired page in the settings your Internet browser find the "View source" or "page Source". For example, in Google Chrome this item is in the submenu "Tools" in Mozilla Firefox – in the menu "Web development". In addition, in most web browsers you can open to view the source code of the page by pressing Ctrl and U.
Use the numerous online services that offer analysis of web pages, for example,, Typing in the empty box the address of the web page, you will receive the results of the analysis, where among other items you will see key words.
Learn the key words of the website, analyzing its content. There are several free web services that offer to check the keyword density on the page and evaluate the so-called "nausea" text, for example, Analyzing, using one of them the right resource, you'll learn how often found a particular word on the page, thus obtaining an approximate list of keywords.
Pay attention to the titles of articles on the Internet site, and italicized or bolded words and phrases. Often it is site keywords.
Use established on the website of the competitor counters that are usually located at the bottom of the page. As a rule, the owners of the sites are closed statistics with a password, but sometimes it is public. Go to the website statistics by clicking on the counter. If the information is publicly available, view the contents of the items of the "search phrases", "Positions in Yandex", "Position in Google". There you will see the words and phrases that users from search engines to this site.